I’m Tamsin Mendelsohn and I help artists and entrepreneurs make massive creative leaps.

Do you believe that you have way more potential to grow and give through your work?

Do you just know that you can step up a level in your art or business - and change the world from disconnection and disharmony to joy, collaboration and better understanding - one original act at a time?

Every day, I hear from artists and entrepreneurs who are struggling to keep their vision steady without a clear career route or support around them. They feel overwhelmed by how to keep their creativity centre-stage, stay motivated and courageous, while balancing all the other requirements of marketing, admin, self-promotion, networking and income.

I help you trust your creativity to guide you to riches and recognition - so you can be the inspiration that you believe in, and make strides in your career and business through your vision.

When you work with me, I’m right by your side, being your biggest champion, both supporting and challenging you to take a look inside yourself and be accountable for what you commit to doing. I don’t advise, I help you open your thinking to find new possibilities that work for you and help you move forwards towards your goals.


I went from music leader and therapist to strategic creative industry professional, driven by wanting to make a difference through art.

Working with vulnerable individuals and communities in special schools, hospitals and post-conflict zones, I ran workshops and shared my skills with other artists and social professionals. When I moved into national organisations that had wider reach, l learned how the bigger picture of my industry worked, and guided applicants to successful arts funding bids and effective business plans.

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After 20 years, I’ve found a way to bring my passion and purpose together, combining my intuitive and strategic sides through creative coaching.

Now I support artists and entrepreneurs to define and grow their creative careers. In conversation, listening deeply and asking questions, I support you to deepen your vision and purpose, trusting it to lead you forward when you are stuck or disheartened.

Over my 25 year career, I have worked for Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Drake Music Scotland, Help Musicians, Nordoff-Robbins Scotland, Turner Sims Southampton, and War Child Holland

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Find your next creative leap

With a free 60 minute consultation

If you have a seed of an idea but are not entirely sure what it could look like, by the end of our call, you should walk away with inspiration, clarity and a key next action step. And if you are just dying to get on with your plans but for some reason have got stuck, we will explore what's been getting in the way and what you could do about it.

This is a guided conversation, so there's no need to prepare. Just bring yourself, and be open to possibility. At the end, if I think we could be a good fit, I will let you know how we could work together and you can ask me more questions if you are interested.

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Tamsin is a great listener and responds to each person with useful advice and the space to express themselves…I enjoyed the times when we could reflect within the sessions, co-working in quiet and going inwards to figure out our personal hopes, fears, dreams and goals…I found I could find greater focus in what I'm trying to achieve this year with my main project, and a plan for a more detailed timeline for the year ahead.

Daily Chute

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

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I've learned I have a lot of resources available to me already and that I can do more to harness the people and skills already at my disposal with a bit more time and planning. I will definitely stick to one goal at a time, and not be afraid of asking for what I need. I will definitely dumb down on offering more than I receive, and make sure I prioritise myself more. I will learn to take rejection or someone not helping you out not personally, but rather as the mere fact that there are always doors open to you.

Lara Eidi

Singer-songwriter and composer

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It’s so nice to work alongside someone who has such a passion for the music and, above all, someone who has great care and empathy for the artists she works with.

Tim Hand

Creative Producer

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As well as being a really empathic and thoughtful person Tamsin has an in-depth knowledge of music and the environment we work in, along with the practical skills for funding, artistic planning, strategy and helping artists develop. When I struggled to feel like a musician again and to get a commission finished, Tamsin was patient, encouraging, accommodating and supportive - perfect!

Sara Colman

Singer-Songriter and composer

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Let‘s keep in touch

I’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions, drop me an email or follow me on social media using the buttons below.

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